Kamoshita Lab, also named as Laboratory of Regional Resources Reassessment, started from 2006 in Asian Natural Environmental Science Center, University of Tokyo. Our aim is to contribute to prosperous global and regional societies through academic knowledge generation for sustainable development with emphasis on agriculture and crop production. In “prosperous societies”, affordable people work for people in need. We have cooperation with researchers and students in other countries as well as in Japan including other departments in UTokyo. Kamoshita Lab (or Chi-iki) is one of the cooperative laboratories in Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology).

Dr Kamoshita’s major has been crop science and the laboratory’s interests in the disciplines cover agricultural ecology, agronomy, crop physio-morphology and genetics, and sustainability sciences. Previous undergraduate and graduate students have studied on understanding of mechanisms of drought resistance in rice, development of water-saving rice production, effects of deep fertilization and deep rooting, utilization of NDVI for efficient fertilization, ecophysiology of quality japonica hybrid rice, symbiosis of arbuscular mycorrhiza with crops, children’s perspectives of agriculture, rice improvement in Cambodia, agricultural extension model, improvement of delta rice production.

We have been studying together with the regional researchers and farmers sustainable rice production and rural development across several regions with different rice ecosystems; Northeast Thailand (rainfed lowlands), Cambodia (irrigated, rainfed, deep water rice), North Vietnam (delta rice), South India (tank irrigated rice), and Central Colombia (irrigated direct seeded rice) ( (only in Japanese)). Focusing on the diversity of farmers across various environments in the target regions, we study on farmers’ selection of agricultural technologies, improvement of productivity, alternative land use, creation of future agro-environment systems etc.

Kamoshita Lab. also studies on Japanese agricultural and food and environmental issues including agricultural history, rice seed production system. In crop science discipline, we study on drought resistance and root system on rice.

The below attachments are associated writings by Dr Kamoshita (only in Japanese)

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